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EGL meets ISO-9001-2008 and IQNet standard requirements

EGL is the global leading gemological laboratory which was founded in Belgium in 1974. The laboratory operates with a strong driving force and serves its worldwide customer base with a clear vision: to provide reliable and expert diamond grading, certification and appraisal services and protect the public interest. To meet these objectives and all professional standards associated with the diamond industry.

In today’s competitive diamond market, EGL has firmly established its presence in diamond exchanges around the world for its quality expertise and services. The EGL Diamond Report is recognized as a solid validation of your diamond’s attributes and uniqueness. EGL employs a highly qualified workforce consisting of experienced gemologists and diamond appraisers. EGL Laboratories utilize the most updated laser technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

E.G.L. has expanded its frontiers to different parts of the world i.e. India, South Africa, U.K., Turkey, France, Israel, U.S.A, and South Korea. E.G.L. provides thorough and consistent Quality analysis reports on diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Complementing the Kimberley certification process in accordance with UN resolutions regarding the prohibition on sales of diamonds mined in war zones, EGL issues a Conflict Free Diamond declaration on its diamond certificates. This declaration signifies that the diamonds submitted for grading and certification at EGL Laboratories were imported legally and from legitimate sources according to all the requirements set by the Diamond Controller Office and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

General Diamond Certification Questions

  1. What is Diamond Certification?
    • Diamond certification is the gemological analysis of your diamonds characteristics and components. Analysis is done in an independent laboratory by certified gemologists. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a report summarizing the findings and a detailed sketch of the diamond.
  2. What is the benefit of getting a diamond certificate?
    • The diamond certificate assures buyers of the quality and authenticity of their stone. If you later decide to sell your stone having the certificate will provide the stamp of authenticity you'll need to get a fair price. Having the certificate may even add value to your diamond:
      • The buyer doesn’t need to pay for an appraisal
      • May help you sell it faster Changes in the market have increased the demand for reliable diamond appraisal reports from highly credible organisations.
  3. Why is diamond certification important?
    • Today there are artificial diamonds and treatments used to enhance the color and purity of diamonds. Treatment became so sophisticated that even your diamond dealer / retailer will not be able to detect them without advanced laboratory equipment, thus, diamond certificates safeguard your purchase.
  4. What is outlined in the diamond certificate?
    • Your certificate will include the following information:
      • Color
      • Clarity
      • Cut
      • Carat weight
      • The diamond's shape
      • Measurements
      • Table and depth percentages
      • Grade
      • Symmetry
      • Fluorescence
      • Graining
      • Cut grade
      • Prediction of light performance (if applicable)
  5. What are the 4Cs?
    • 4C refers to:
      • Color
      • Clarity
      • Cut
      • Carat weight

Questions About EGL Certificate

  1. What type of EGL Certificates do we offer?
    • We offer a variety of diamond certification reports:
      • Full Diamond Certificate – EGL’s most comprehensive certification report
      • Mini Diamond Grading Certificate – A compact version of the full certificate
      • Consultation Diamond Certificates – The most basic diamond certification report available
      • EGL Certicard TM – Diamond Certifications in the form of a plastic identity card
  2. Why Choose do we use EGL Certificates?
    • EGL is 'the' world leading Gemology
    • When obtaining a diamond certificate it is always better to use a leading and certified gemology company that is well known in the industry such as EGL.
    • EGL certificates offer:
      • More grading information than other certificates
      • Web based online confirmation services
      • Award winning gemologist with international certification
      • State-of-the-art diamond grading, certifying and laser etching laboratory 

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